Riber Castle History

Having made his fortune by enticing the gentility to take the cure in cold baths at the Hydro Hotel, Matlock, John Smedley was determined to celebrate his success with a showy gesture.

The result, Riber Castle, built in 1862 on a lofty promontory to the south of the Derbyshire town, was not to everyone's taste.

A local poet, Sir John Summerson, remarked:

"Had Smedley employed a professional he would have got a house unmistakably, however crudely, shaped with a style - Italian Gothic or baronial. As it was, he produced an object of indecipherable bastardry - a true monster."

Nevertheless, generations of residents and visitors have come to love the dark silhouette of the castle. The fact that for the past 50 years it has been falling down makes them love it even more. Those who view it from the surrounding hills and dales refer to it as a "romantic ruin".

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Riber Castle to be Redeveloped

Cross Tower Ventures in Sheffield (0114 266 7171) purchased Riber Castle in 2000 with proposals to develop the site for residential purposes. After five years of ferocious arguement permission was finally granted in March 2006 by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. The redevelopment of the site comprises three main elements:

An enabling development, which involves building new homes in places where they would not normally be allowed, is a concept championed by English Heritage as a way of securing the restoration of buildings at risk.

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